Nomination Deadline

City voters have until Monday Aug. 24 5PM to decide who they can choose from in the November elections for Boulder City Council. Five of the nine seats will be open, and all incumbant’s names will be on the ballot.

There are five city council seats up for grabs this November. It would be a sad commentary on Boulder if only eight people, including current council members seeking reelection, are on the ballot for all those seats.

So how about this solution? Any registered voter who lives in Boulder can go to the second floor of the Municipal building on the southwest corner of Canyon and Broadway and solve this local government dilemma. All you have to do is walk up to the table in the hallway where the very helpful Danielle or Dianne (Clerk designees) will assist you in oath taking and the signing of up to five candidate petitions of nomination, one for each council seat being contested.

If just 50 concerned voters will take a few minutes out of their busy workday to go sign their name five times, Boulder can have 18 people putting forward their ideas to make thie city better instead of just eight, and that’s better for everyone.

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2 thoughts on “Nomination Deadline

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  2. Today is the last day to sign petitions for nominees to Boulder City Council, which must be done at the Municipal Building at Canyon and Broadway on the second floor by 5PM. There are five out of nine positions open, so this November election could have a big effect on the direction of the city, assuming there are new people on the ballot.
    Here is the list of nominees:

    There are seven who still need signatures, including myself. Registered city voters can sign up to five petitions, let’s get them all on the ballot 🙂


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